The Process


I’m going to backtrack here a bit and share some of what we did to get ready for our first shows.  These are some of the tasks we had to conquer:  make application to the various events at which we wanted to be present, finalize logos for Gingerknits Fiberstudio and River Bar Soaps, get an event tent, design and make something to hold the tent down in wind (because that was a real possibility on the coast), make or contract out for signs, procure tables and coverings, design and build soap displays, wrap and label a lot of soap, design and print business cards, decide on methods of payment, make money aprons, develop a “style” for being in the booth, and . . . anyway, you get the idea.  Oh!  We also wanted to have a web store up and running before we went public, so our first customers could become repeat customers via the web if they liked our soap.  Don’t worry, this isn’t all going into one post–I’ll break it up into several.

Applications: The application process was pretty straight-forward for each of our events.  Make some calls, complete some paperwork, hand over some money and you’re in!  Some events require a certificate of insurance naming the host  entity as an additional insured.  Only one of our first three had this requirement.  Other events are juried, meaning you must apply and be accepted to be part of the event.  I’m preparing for one of those right now:  The Humboldt Artisans Crafts and Music Festival.  I have high hopes, and if accepted, plan to share booth space with a friend who makes marvelous bags of all sorts.  (More on Bea’s Bohemian Bags in another post.)

Logos:  We had read a little about uniform branding and wanted a logo for River Bar Soaps that would be representative of the area in which we live and could be used across several different platforms: a web banner, soap label, signage, to name a few.  For Gingerknits, I had an idea of what I wanted, but no idea how to develop the idea or render my thoughts into graphics.  We worked with a woman named Catherine Carroll, who was great to work with and did an outstanding job of rendering both what was in our heads but couldn’t get out AND what we hadn’t even dreamed of, but was exactly what we would have wanted could we have dreamt it!  Thank you, Catherine!  We are SO happy with both logos–you’re awesome at what you do.  Catherine’s email, should you wish to contact her for graphic assistance, is

Tent:  Rick researched tents and we decided on a 10′ x 10′ E-Z UP brand tent.  It truly is easy-up (with two people).  Not sure it would be so easy with one person, but could be done, certainly.  It would just take a more time and steps to get the job done.  It has 4 side panels that velcro on and off, making it a versatile choice that can be adapted to the surroundings and weather.  On the 4th, we used the back and two side panels.  The shade protection mid-day and breeze-block in the late afternoon were great features of our tent.

OK, here is where I’ll leave it for today.  When I come back, I’ll show you what we came up with for holding a tent down when the breeze comes up.  I think our design would withstand gale force winds!

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